domination in a sentence

  • Most of the action takes place in the independent "Bible Belt", where resistance to Islamic domination is sometimes heroic and sometimes pathological.
  • Furthermore, this has resulted in Chinese domination of economic and employment opportunities particularly in the major towns where almost two-thirds of the population are now Chinese.
  • As a lifelong Steelers fan, it seems as if a few good Ravens players are keeping us away from total long-term domination of the division since Cincy and Cleveland can't seem to pull out of their death spiral.
  • Many constitutions were negotiated by parties locked in a sort of entrenched political stalemate, where despite their unequal power neither could hope to exert long-term domination over the other.
  • Please go back just 8 years and read the stories that foretold a long-term domination by the Republicans.
  • The Latin American peoples lost their independence, left Spanish colonialism, and have fallen into a worse kind of domination, which is neocolonial domination, imperialist domination.
  • How many more US soldiers and Iraqis must die for George Bush's dream of word domination?
  • The company also said at the time it intends to raise its stake eventually to 75%, seeking a so-called domination agreement to take full control of Europe's biggest auto maker by volume.
  • Porsche Automobil Holding SE on Sunday said it had a near-75% stake in Volkswagen AG, a much larger stake than the market expected, and said it wanted to tighten its grip on Volkswagen with a so-called domination agreement that would give it access to Volkswagen's cash flows.
  • The VW law sets the threshold for enforcing a so-called domination agreement at 80% control, rather than 75%, which is common for German companies.
  • Dude! Go check out that domination in the third stall to the left, looks like he blew out a o-ring!
  • Whoah, Jen and Kelsey have complete domination over this room, and probably the one adjacent to it as well.
  • rule, bodybuilding, domination
  • Read above for an example of pure domination.
  • taylor: we gonna kick it today? chris: hell yeah we are! taylor: domination!
  • 1. dude, did you watch the game on saturday.. it was Domination! 2. HAHAHA! did you see how bad we beat you!?.. that was some domination!

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