doand in a sentence

Sentence with the word doand

Shed been doing gavage for more than 30 yearsjust ducks because its easier to doand she was selling at three markets a week.

I have a police-band radiolots of journalists doand when I heard your address His arms relaxed, letting Megan go.

When I asked you to pray, it was something I felt lead to doand something I do not ask very people to do.

Shii grew mii t00 willowz frum doand branchez tew!

It is not exactly the way such things are done at Court, but Peter Piper thought it would doand at any rate it was great fun.

I go through all that trouble to get you evidence, to prove to you that I would never lie to youwhich, by the way, I should never have had to doand this is how you repay me?

The last thing Kaz wanted to doand he reminded Delbin of thatwas to go searching for the kender in a structure as large as Vingaard.

Palin told Dalamar that Tasslehoff had finally come to the conclusion that going back in time was the only honorable thing to doand here Palin most generously praised the kender for his courage.

Und der dears come to der eyes, I doand know because vhy, und der mens gry und shaike der hend, und der whole redgimend maerch off like dat, fairy broudt, bei Gott, der head oop high, und sing 'Die Wacht am Rhein.'

Dot's goot -- der brendt -- doand I see um -- shoor der boole mit der bleck star bei der vore-head in der middle oaf.

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