do in a sentence

Sentence with the word do

A 16 year old with a copy of Kitson could tell you what we * need* to do: what we need is someone who can actually * do* it! luke

If you'd like to participate but can't do that schedule, let me know what avialability you *do* have on Saturday.

If I was going to do this, I wanted to *do* it -- commit wholeheartedly, that was, and do whatever it took to get published.

I do other things in my life other than reading, certainly not reading learned tomes of nonsense .do me the courtesy please of reading what I said and not taking excerpts to quote, you are getting like my pal wilhelm.

Short of waving your magic wand in hopes we'll all just go away, what do you intend to * do* about it?

Having been laid off one week after my company's holiday party and one week before Christmas, (classy timing), I initially relished the time off as an opportunity to do what I "really wanted to do" ... whatever that might be.

Prof. WEST: (Singing) The way you do the things you do� Ms. SIMON: Oh! Prof. WEST: Smokey Robinson, you remember that?

But I do think there should be recognition that these folks * are* professionals and probably * do* know more than we do about the need for something more and effect that something more might have on important matters.

One is valued at exactly what millions of middle-class families would * like* to do for their vacation and what millions of middle-class families, in fact, * do* for their vacation every year.

Although many of them do indeed have low print runs and have limited distribution, go into any Borders or Barnes & Noble and you will see a healthy representation of lit mags that *do* have good circulation and that are available to general reading public.

I had to go to the ER and the doctor that treated me was a DO.

Joe is doing Sally.

Yo bitch, wanna do?

1: I'm going to do my homework. 2: We're going to do him in. 3: Yo Holmes! Do not mess up the do! 4: My and the bitch are going to do it. 5: Check out Do's site at

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    • cause, make, effect, achieve, execute
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    • did, does, doesn't, doing, don't
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