disposed in a sentence

  • Gertrude Stein disposed of the geographical history of our great neighbour to the south by saying that in the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is.
  • Martin disposed of all his early efforts, such as "Pearl-diving,"
  • What she would relinquish, however, Mrs. Mittin disposed of to one of her numerous friends; but they raised only, when intrinsically valued, sixteen pounds.
  • The official nature of my call disposed of, I led the conversation into social matters, and found no difficulty in persuading the Captain to talk of his own life.
  • You would dare -- you, Captain Wilmot, and you, Charlie, and you, Mr. Hannaway, "she added, turning to the third young man," to stand there and tell us all in a lordly way that the Prince is no sportsman, as though that mysterious phrase disposed of him altogether as a creature inferior to you and your kind!
  • He is blessed, for he is wise, humble, and well disposed, that is not overcome by these prejudices.
  • The lender said in its statement that it "disposed" of a portion of the higher-risk U.S. subprime-asset-backed securities and all of its subprime-mortgage-related collateralized debt obligations in the fourth quarter.
  • But the government said it was "disposed" to participate in the summit, and a source close to the presidency did not rule out that
  • He had driven in a crazy old gig from Wigton, and the nine miles which lay between that not too brilliant town and the desolate fell-side hamlet which he had been so fain to make his own spiritual domain had not been such as disposed him to a cheerful view of things.
  • The reader must imagine the arguments that were used for the occasion, but they were such as disposed all, in the end, to admit the propriety of yielding their ordinary prejudices to the exigencies of the moment.

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