discriminated in a sentence

Sentence with the word discriminated

If Rogat's criticism here is merely that there is no decision which dealt with state law that explicitly by its terms discriminated against the above mentioned minorities, he is right.

While she is not the first to be "discriminated" against the thing that bothers me is that if I understand this Sgt Newsome had been in the military 9yrs!

He went after them with loaded words: They "discriminated," "rationed care . . . denied coverage" and were "bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor."

After struggling to decide whether to stay silent or risk backlash by protesting, she eventually sent the other a cappella presidents a message detailing the ways "we'd been kind of discriminated against."

Anton a "discriminated" Tamil from Sri Lanka was lucky enough to get a job in Sri Lanka's HC in London before he nipped out one morning said he was being "genocided" in SL and hey presto get a new passport.

As long as they don't have at least 4 videos on BET's top 10, they will be "discriminated" was searching for a better word but couldn't find it.

Do ever get "discriminated" against for being in the East, in terms of writer-like or guild things?

Southern plantation owners "discriminated" against African Americans by not paying them for their work.

Still, I'm not sure who is "discriminated" against here.

They seem to be written by people who are having lousy luck getting published, and are grasping at straws to come up with some reason why they are being "discriminated" against other than their lack of talent.

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  • Synonym for "discriminated"
    • distinguish, differentiate
  • Verb Forms for "discriminated"
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