devourer in a sentence

Sentence with the word devourer

I was formerly a selfish, passive devourer (is there a French word for that?) of your words.

But instead of dancing around naked and eating questionable vittles around giant stone monoliths, we converge (mostly) clothed upon Water Taxi Beach to celebrate the birthday of one of our own, Citysearch. com food editor, notorious carnivore Feedbag food blogger Josh Ozersky, aka Mr. Cutlets, also known as the devourer of worlds.

"devourer" of people, a famous soothsayer (Jos 13: 22). son of Beor -- or, in the Chaldee form, Bosor -- that is, "destruction."

The warmarshal reached to his foot, where the white stinger of a devourer was embedded.

He pounded the spine of one devourer, crushing it and wilting the deadly tails.

With his hammer mired beneath a dead devourer, he had little choice.

Logan dropped it and pivoted to run, but the devourer surged up to trip him.

He spun to see another devourer creeping up on him.

She went among the devourer bodies, slicing off the tails.

The devourer snapped its pincers and clicked its feet, watching for an opening.

he came in with carriers and i thought i was done for, but with some devourer's and and a dozen scourges i managed to hold him off.

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  • Sentence for "devourer"
    • I was formerly a selfish, passive…
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  • Synonym for "devourer"
    • eater, cormorant, locust, epicure, gormandizer
  • Hypernym for "devourer"
    • eater, feeder
  • Form for "devourer"
    • devour
  • Same Context for "devourer"
    • journey, self-description, servant, iudge, chicane
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