deleterious in a sentence

Sentence with the word deleterious

Having publicly deprecated the impact of fiscal policy and warned of the long term deleterious effects of climbing public debt, of course, the Federal Reserve and/or the Bank of England cannot now reverse course and credibly back more fiscal stimulus.

And there are plenty of studies that show that punishment has long-term deleterious effects on children, whereas ....

But unfortunately, we've had a cycle of this and it doesn't stop the real problem, and that is simply that the Mexican government has a policy of avoiding domestic reform by exporting human capital at the rate of one or two million illegals a year, and it's in the long term deleterious for Mexico, because they don't face up to the problems they have for providing security and prosperity for their own people.

While much of this is understandable, there needs to be some stepping back so that there are no long-term deleterious results from this contretemps.

Set in 1974's Central America, in a war-weary time at the tail end of the Vietnam Conflict, Peace Walker will further explore the philosophical and political ramifications of war as commerce, as well as its longterm deleterious effects on society, the economy, and ourselves.

The authors speculate that high calcium levels may be involved in processes that take a longer time to cause harm, such as the calcification of blood vessels or soft tissues, while low calcium levels may cause short-term deleterious effects such as heart rhythm abnormalities.

I firmly believe that his enlargement of government will create a drag on our future progress that will have long term deleterious effects on our well being.

Heavy-handed government intervention without regard for human dignity produces long-term deleterious effects.

Logging them would only disturb this process with long-term deleterious effects to the ecosystem.

"The real critical issue that everyone is struggling with is, What about the potential long-term deleterious effects of ART that might override the beneficial effects?" says Fauci.

I found my girlfriend going through my phone, but it's ok cos I got a bit deleterious last week and wiped those drunk text messages to my ex from my outbox

Divorce is assumed to have deleterious effects on children.

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  • Synonym for "deleterious"
    • hurtful, noxious, destructive, pernicious, harmful
  • Phrases for "deleterious"
    • deleterious forces, a deleterious, think deleterious, deleterious for, deleterious for
  • Rhyme for "deleterious"
    • delirious, imperious, mysterious, serious
  • Equivalent for "deleterious"
    • harmful
  • Same Context for "deleterious"
    • detrimental, noxious, corrosive, harmful, mephitic
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