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Sentence with the word cyberinfrastructure

Such digital information is now part of what is known as cyberinfrastructure, an organized aggregate of computers, networks, data, storage, software systems, and the experts who run them that is vital to our life and work in the Information Age.

Purdue has become a recognized leader in such "cyberinfrastructure" with the development of HUBzero, which powers nanoHUB. org and many other Web-based "hubs" for scientific collaboration, said Michael McLennan, senior research scientist and hub technology architect at Purdue and the Rosen Center.

"cyberinfrastructure" refers to research environments in which high-performance computing tools are made available to researchers in a shared network environment.

1 The term "cyberinfrastructure" is sometimes used to capture parts of these ideas about technology, as well as others.

The results are being regularly promoted through education and outreach while the project works to connect its activities to national cyberinfrastructure activities.

“Our premise has always been that disciplinary conventions matter and that social realities and individual personality will dictate how new practices, including those under the rubric of Web 2.0 or cyberinfrastructure, are adopted by scholars,” says Principal Investigator and Director, Higher Education in the Digital Age Project, Diane Harley, Ph.

This aims to establish a national cyberinfrastructure to support the long term preservation and curation of scientific data.

ACRL's [?] report on cyberinfrastructure [or maybe this one from ARL; no citation provided]

Many things are affected when the backbone of that are our cyberinfrastructure.

The report was written by Northrop Grumman, which sells the Defense Department and cyberinfrastructure.

The cheapest part of my cyberinfrastructure is my hand.

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