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(c) The people of the culture farther west, the _north-west culture_, were not Mongols.

Here, too, the line of the extant culture, -- the narrow indented boundary of the _culture_ that professed to take all is always defining the new, -- cutting out the wild not yet visited by the art of man; -- only here the criticism is much more lively, because here 'we come _to particulars_,' a thing which the new philosophy -- much insists on; and though this want in learning, and the wildness it leaves, is that which makes tragedies in this method of exhibition; it has its comical aspect also; and this is the laughing and weeping philosopher in one who manages these representations; and in this case it is the comical aspect of the subject that is seized on.

But trying to come up with a definition made me realize just how vast and encompassing the term "culture" actually was and how many things together make up the culture of a group or civilization.

The general tendency in American culture is away from objectivity and neutral rules and toward Who?

Fully restoring New Orleans to its formerly unique and permanent place in American culture is this nation's greatest domestic challenge.

So, to properly evangelize in culture today, we've got to know what the culture is saying.

The Future of White Boy clubs at FactoryCity the issue of diversity in culture is intractable and unsolvable.

There are two senses in which the term culture war or cultural war is used.

But the place of books in culture is neither strictly empirical nor strictly economic, and their historical-cultural valence and productivity lie as much in their reception as in the contexts of their production.

The problem with using the term culture and race synonymously is that it is not at all synonymous.

Learned patterns of action and expression constitute culture.


culture: people assume they are part of a culture, they are right culture: many bacteria don't assume they are, but they are

Our culture is better than yours, because we have old buildings built by despots. Those germans in poland should belong to the german reich, because they are part of our culture and history!

Culture is a term that has different meanings, depending on who said it.

Centuries of cohabitation, wars, reforms, trade exchanges and communicationa made of Europe the capital of culture.

Dick: The buzz term was diversity but now it's culture. That's culture bob! Make sure to tell prospective associates about the unique culture here a Low Pay Corp. A new culture better than at Working Associates Off the Clock Inc.'s new culture. I don't know what it hell it means but say it repeatedly and waste at least 45 minutes of their time talking about. We got a memo from the dumbass boss telling us to do so. Bob: He's running the place into the ground so how can this be wrong? We still pay 7 bucks an hour right? Dick: That's the culture here. This culture Bullshit is brought to you by the same people that decided employees are associates. Most people in America that are called associates make well under 10 bucks an hour but some where bullshitters decided to market that they are partners.

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