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Sentence with the word cross-shaped

You'll be glad to know I resisted the urge to buy the clerical shirts with the French-cut sleeves and cross-shaped cuff links.

The earthquake knocked off the cross-shaped finial stones on three of the four pinnacles that jut out from the top of the tower.

A large cross-shaped fire crackled in the center of the room and was attended by two boys who occasionally fed it from a stack of firewood near the door.

She walked off her boat "Sunluver" wearing a white bathrobe, her face and lips swollen from the stings, and pulled up a sleeve to show a long cross-shaped welt on her right forearm.

It took him nearly a month to finish his project, the cross-shaped cutouts to leave a holy mark, the verses etched in the handle, the stain and varnish, it really was a work of art.

Despite the cross-shaped welts and scars, Ruth could still find moments and reasons and ways to simply be a nine-year-old girl.

Must have been up a long time — that funny cross-shaped space is darker than the rest of the paint.

Basque cross, or "lauburu," * a symbol of prosperity, is to the Basque what the fleur-de-lys is to France, and though you won't find as many French streets "fleurdelisé," * when in Basque country you will see the cross-shaped lauburu partout!

But the fourth was a strange anomaly that showed up as a cross-shaped image on the sonar and radar scans.

The upper image was approximately seventy feet long, and showed a strong magnetic response amidships, but the cross-shaped member beneath corresponded in length and width to the fifty-five-foot steam launch.

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