con- in a sentence

Sentence with the word con-

Everything about his story bespeaks continuity and sincerity of con- viction.

With all the modern treatments, gadgets and con-, ventions at their fingertips, younger men, he believed, could do a lot better.

She has been vilified in news reports around the world and called a "professional con- artist," Thompson wrote in the filing.

As the con- vention market collapsed and companies slashed their travel budgets, hotels off-loaded excess rooms onto Wotif's site at bargain prices.

"As we have seen, one or two people can cast a very negative and misleading light on a program that otherwise con- ducts its operations in accordance with the rules," Castiglione said in an e-mail.

The broader con- text of Wright’s black liberation theology—with which Obama was quite familiar—is at least as disturbing as Wright’s most notorious statements, if not more so.

For Obama’s critics, the president’s programs and proposals con- stitute an effort to fundamentally alter the contours of America’s free enterprise system.

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