complaining in a sentence

Sentence with the word complaining

As she gets to the top and turns she shoots one of her looks at me, her eyes wide, her mouth tightly silent but her expression complaining about everything: the state I have brought you home in, the fact that you are so unhappy and ill, the late nap that will no doubt interfere with your precious routine.

If she's having a problem with folks on her side of the aisle, in her state, doesn't it seem that her complaining is a bit over the top, not to mention out of line?

I'm not quite sure what all the complaining is about considering they've preserved Tezuka's style well.

But our complaining is also an attempt to get people to recognize that there are problems and who has the greatest responsibility for our current problems.

Imagine the hypocrisy of John McCain complaining about revealing TORTURE against someone suspected of war crimes.

And what nerve the old people have in complaining just because the Democrats want to cut half a trillion dollars out of Medicare.

The only reason you're complaining is because he's a threat to the establishment and the political classes.

I think the only reason you are complaining, is that the "racist and sexist" lady decided not to become a Republican tool.

It's a little like Sarah Palin complaining about the press bothering her kids, when she is the one who trotted them into the limelight in the first place.

Anyone can complain, because complaining is passive and costs nothing — I think you probably know this as well as I do.

Hippie 1:There're like starving people all over the world man, i think i'll stand in front congress and wave a sign for a couple hours to get my point across.

he knew perfectly well he couldn't accuse me of complaining in the email

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