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Sentence with the word chicane

That other honour to our profession, Roker, is well versed in chicane, and knows more of the law, or rather of its abuse, than an honest man would wish to know; but Fisherton is so ignorant that, while his lavish expences continually reduce him to necessities that drive him into bold attempts at robbery, his skill in managing them is so inferior that he is almost always baffled, and has been more than once exposed. '

Surely Kimi was under no obligation to make room for the McLaren (and he didn't), so cutting the chicane was the only sensible option.

There are also scores for holding no trumps ( "chicane"), and for winning all the tricks or all but one ( "slam").

We come down here in sixth gear into a chicane which is really amazing because it drops away totally and its quite difficult to get it right.

The temperature differential between the shoulders is more marked at this track as the right-handers are generally fast but the left-handers generally slow, including the chicane which is the slowest corner on the calendar.

"The key things to the lap as we go round it are braking into this first chicane, too early you lose two tenths, too late you lose half a second; likewise at the second chicane which is more dictated by kerb strikes.

They leave the straight at maximum speed 28mph, as we know and then it's hard on the brakes and into the cervix chicane, and oh my God, about 210m of them haven't made it, there's been a mass pile-up.

The two make the chicane of time changes appear to be an effortless walk through the park.

Guitarist Juris creates a chicane filled solo complimented by his exceptional ability to alter the sounds emanating from his guitar to great effect.

Nys drove the pursuit, and as Wellens bobbled in the sandy chicane and briefly came off his bike, his advantage was eliminated.

is that a chicane i see watching a porn movie?

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  • Synonym for "chicane"
    • trickery, chicanery, caviling, sophistry, pettifog
  • Verb Forms for "chicane"
    • chicaned, chicanes, chicaning
  • Hypernym for "chicane"
    • object, bridge hand, movable barrier, vanquish, shell
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    • cozenage, equivocation, chicanery, charlatanism, devourer
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