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Sentence with the word ceasing

'It means, sir, that, in ceasing to write, one ceases to be paid for writing, and Mr. Carlyle has published nothing for several years.'

Simultaneously with a ceasing is the attainment, on a mental continuum, of a static parting and nonanalytical stopping.

And the question we're asking is, was the United States right to balk at immediate cease-fire in the Middle East, the U.S. being one of the few countries to stand against the idea of ceasing hostilities?

All that we know of life is connected with a shape, a form, a body of materialism; and now that that is palpably melting away into nothingness, the boldest heart may be excused a shudder, when there is forced upon it, in spite of itself, the idea of ceasing for ever.

And to such a man as we have described, all means of communication between God and his soul begin after a time to grow so transparent that the rays and glances of the divine sun reach him without ceasing, that is, as often and as soon as he turns himself towards them in feeling and thought.

They lack the vision that inspires every moment, discerns a sure way, and heightens the spirit to battle without ceasing, which is characteristic of the great years.

Yet we acquiesce, or at least perceive that we ought to do so; and that by doing so -- by ceasing, that is, to grasp God's Presence any longer -- we find it as never before.

-- The moment the idea of ceasing to _do church_ was entertained by me, the true notion of what I was to do instead presented itself.

Dylan's 1965-6 writings touch often on the idea of ceasing to argue - a big advance for so contrary a dualist.

Discovery must develop primetime programs to make the idea of ceasing the production of "filthy human children" more palatable.

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