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The wizened faces of Indian grandmothers who begged on street corners, or the baby faces of the tiny 5-year-olds selling gum to tourists, seemed scoured, or gentled, by the iron sounds clanging ceaselessly from the churches.

The reason they've lost ground, we've been told ceaselessly, is that many Americans believe the party is deficient in "moral values" and cast their votes accordingly.

Since the outbreak of war some million and a quarter of men have passed through the great camp, coming in ceaselessly for training and equipment, and going out again to the theatres of war.

She says that he calls ceaselessly upon her, and that unless he can see her beside him he may yet die of the disappointment and trouble, albeit the plague is stayed in his case, and it is but the fever of weakness that is upon him.

From within the clouds the wind called ceaselessly, but where they stood it was calm and warm.

Though death-still, it has a voice which calls ceaselessly to those human hearts tuned to its messages: hostile and harsh, it draws and urges; repellent, it profligately awards health and wealth; inviting, it kills.

Why are there no modern pyramids to recall ceaselessly the one principle which dominates the common-weal of nations and of individual life?

This rules out CO2 as the only cause of temperature, but more sophisticated models suggest that the CO2 is producing a rise, as you say, "ceaselessly", and adding always a positive drift to temperature that is superimposed on natural variation.

Washington complained ceaselessly about the “mismanagement” of Indian affairs.

Scott Fitzgerald in the brilliant last sentence of "The Great Gatsby": "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

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