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During the day, there are no bars or clubs for the bitch brigade to get thrown out of, so much of last night's season 3 premiere focused on the conflict and "caulk" - friendly resolution of Amber #2's producer-encouraged "decision" to smash a window.

Hot dogs are barbecued Egyptian beef sausages called -- and these cookies called caulk (ph).

Once you've identified the spots that need caulking, be sure to pick the right kind of caulk for the job.

Also: I spent the better part of the day egregiously abusing the word "caulk" in conversation.

But the actor clearly mispronounces the screenplay's word "caulk" in the most hilarious way possible.

At the same instant one of the lookouts in the bows who had still remained at his post and had probably been awakened from a quiet "caulk" by the awful portent, suddenly shouted out in a ringing voice, that thrilled through every heart on board --

The caulk is a little sticky, but it’s easy to apply with a Spackle knife.

There was not the smallest murmur of subdued talk for'ard, for the watch had curled themselves up in the most comfortable places they could find in order to steal a "caulk", and I did not attempt to disturb them, knowing that at my first call they would be upon their feet in a moment.

Jorrocks, however, I noticed, remained still on the poop; and, knowing that he would not thus inconvenience himself by going without his proper "caulk," like the rest, unless there was some urgent reason -- for he dearly loved his sleep when duty did not interfere with the indulgence -- I stayed behind, too, the more especially as I remembered what he had said about there being the chance of a "blow."

This was easier said than done; for in the first place Weeks, who only seemed to think of eating and sleeping and nothing else, was having a quiet "caulk," as sailors call it, cuddled up in the bunk appropriated by Jerrold as being the roomiest, with all our blankets wrapped round him, although the day was quite warm and spring-like for February.

Bitch get down on your hands and knee's and suck my caulk.

Frylock: He - man - what the - you've been eating all my caulk! Meatwad: Caulk? Nah, this is cheese! Frylock: No, it's highly toxic industrial adhesive, used to connect electronic circuitry to steel. It's caulk! Meatwad: And it's good, too! Frylock: Listen to this, OK? Avoid human contact. May cause dizziness, nausea, and an ability to THINK you can see the future, but you can't! Meatwad: Well, what does it say about finding oil? Frylock: Nothing! Meatwad: Uh oh.

Her thighs were completely stuck this morning after we caulked last night.

1 and 2. That guy did an amazing job at caulking the windows. It made me moist.

Johnny had to caulk his windows for the winter. James caulked his horny neigbor Amy's rack and ass.

Caulk - A gun that spews white stuff. Cock - A gun that spews white stuff.

Hello sir, does this store supply caulk? Does the caulk come in different colors?

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