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Is not what they call casuistry a science among Roman

This casuistry is too much for Cromwell, who loses his composure for the first and only time:

We can see how and why the word casuistry received the particular coloring with which it is now connected.

The word casuistry (literally “concern with individual cases”) has been used in three different, if connected meanings.

For we repeat -- that the name, the word casuistry, may be evaded, but the thing cannot; nor _is_ it evaded in our daily conversations.

I’ve always found Catholic thought (e.g. the theology and philosophy of Aquinas) to be very legalistic, and to frequently engage in casuistry [in the non-pejorative sense of case-based reasoning], which closely resembles the common-law method in the U.S.

And this is what we mean by casuistry, which is the application of a moral principle to the _cases_ arising in human life.

But this casuistry, as well as lying open to the distortion Hogg attacks (for private interest can be a kind of casuistry too), forfeits Luther's clear point about religious support for secularism.

By a casuistry which is now elevated into an economic principle, but which has no defenders outside the realm of banking, a warehouseman who deals in money is subject to a diviner law: the banker is free to use for his private interest and profit the money left in trust ....

But an awful lot of it consists of what can be called in the purely technical sense a kind of casuistry, an application of certain moral systems or principles or theories to discussing what we should think about abortion.

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