carouse in a sentence

Sentence with the word carouse

Puzzled and alarmed, shaking his head ruefully as he recalled the carouse of the silent, he hobbled down the mountain as fast as he might for the grip of the rheumatism on his knees and elbows, and entered his native village.

The carouse was a tremendous one, as usually was the case where Hollock was the Amphitryon, and, as the potations grew deeper, an intention became evident on the part of some of the company to behave unhandsomely to Norris.

LEE: Well, you know, someone pointed out to me -- it ` s sort of like -- why not like -- if you want to kind of carouse around, why not just be like George Clooney and stay single?

Though rumor has it that this section of the city is on the cusp of gentrification, Pilsen is still largely a neighborhood of empty lots and boarded-up buildings, where gangs roam after midnight, and groups of men congregate on street corners to drink and carouse.

The four of them carouse, sing raucous songs and reminisce about old times.

Only about a quarter of those who attended the party chose to suit up, grab a sword and take part in the class, while the rest continued to carouse.

He preferred to drink and carouse rather than to rule, and his wife, Nur Jahan, took on the responsibility of the state.

Does little Catherine Sedley wear your clothes and carouse with you all late into the night?

But just as their neighborhood was becoming safer and cleaner, an influx of new bars, clubs and cheap hotels has brought a new irritant: hordes of barhopping 20-somethings who carouse until the wee hours.

That may not necessarily be her fault though, considering the king often chooses to publicly carouse with other ladies, ignoring her.

Damn I got caroused when she used her tounge and she licked my chest and slowly went lower and lower!

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  • Synonym for "carouse"
    • carousal, drain, orgy, debauch, rackety
  • Verb Forms for "carouse"
    • caroused, carouses, carousing
  • Phrases for "carouse"
    • perhaps carouse
  • Rhyme for "carouse"
    • Aus, Taos, allows, arouse, boughs
  • Hypernym for "carouse"
    • revelry, revel, wassail, jollify, racket
  • Form for "carouse"
    • caroused, carousing, carrousel, carousal, carousel
  • Same Context for "carouse"
    • revelry, jollification, spree, debauch, debauchery
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