calm in a sentence

Sentence with the word calm

Labour, equally keen on personal attacks, none the less claimed the phrase "calm down, dear" was both patronising and, worse, sexist.

Then he faced them, head up, his expression calm but watchful.

Years of control kept his expression calm and impassive; his gray eyes revealed nothing of what was going on inside him.

Susan looked at her ex-husband, her expression calm.

Murphy stayed beside me, her expression calm, her blue eyes alert for physical danger.

He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his expression calm.

NASR: Then, moving to other news, Press TV, as well as other local channels, highlighted what they described as calm and quiet streets, totally under control according to this newscaster.

Keeping her expression calm, Alexis casually stuck four forks into her hair so that they formed a peak like a tepee.

Would he like his legacy to be to help establish what you referred to as calm, so that when he leaves the White House, his successor, whoever that may be, can then proceed with serious progress toward a long-term peace --

Next Week's Challenge: From puzzle writer Francis Heaney: Take the word "calm" and flip the letters A and L to get "clam."

Set... Calm... There you go. Now get back to the tay tay.

Student1: Hey what do you have right now? Student2: Calm... Student1: gross dude.George Bush: calm saved my life, though my life didnt go anywheree...Student1: Hey I love calm, did you know that my friend failed it, and hes taking it again? Student2: really? its like the easiest class ever, easier than a spare dammit.teacher: FUCK! DO SOME GOD DAMN PUSH UPS .

Person 1- "Just copped a pair of yeezys" Person 2 -"That's calm

The test was so calm

That is so calm. Or that is so dizcalm.

Dude, I can't believe he just flipped that snow-mobile. Calm.

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  • Synonym for "calm"
    • tranquility, stillness, quiet, serenity, pacify
  • Antonym for "calm"
    • anxious, nervous, stressed
  • Verb Forms for "calm"
    • calmed, calming, calmness, calms
  • Phrases for "calm"
    • preternaturally calm, preternaturally calm, calm down, remain calm, deceptively calm
  • Rhyme for "calm"
    • Bomb, Dom, Fromm, Guam, Islam
  • Hypernym for "calm"
    • wind, air current, current of air, stabilise, stabilize
  • Cross Reference for "calm"
    • still, in the caulms, dead calm, region of calms, calms of cancer
  • Equivalent for "calm"
    • composed, placid, windless, unruffled, tranquil
  • Same Context for "calm"
    • quiet, cool, serene, steady, intelligent
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