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In some places (the so-called "scot and lot" boroughs) the suffrage was exercised by all rate-payers; in others, by the holders of particular tenements ( "burgage" franchise); in others (the "potwalloper" (p. 024) boroughs) by all citizens who had hearths of their own; in many, by the municipal corporation, or by the members of a guild, or even by neighboring landholders.

The application site occupies part of the rear of a historic burgage plot.

Stow's deputy major, Tom Morris, says all land between The Square and Well Lane could contain burgage plots.

He said: The town council is investigating exactly where these burgage plots are.

Cotswold District Council has refused another scheme at nearby Cramond, saying it was also a burgage site.

The entire burgage was not large, space being valuable within so enclosed a town, in its tight noose of river.

He came to the gate in his own burgage wall, and let himself through into the yard, set the door of his shop open, and made ready for the day's work.

Still, there are wickets through here and there, though most of them into burgage gardens, and it would be no easy matter to get through to the streets without the household knowing of it.

The burgage of the Vestier family occupied a prominent place at the head of the street called Maerdol, which led downhill to the western bridge.

All Susanna's movements were so, she did everything quickly, nothing in apparent haste, but now it did seem to Rannilt's anxious ear that there was something of bridled desperation about the way she took those few sharp paces here and there, about her last housewifely survey in this burgage.

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