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Sentence with the word burek

Directly across the street, between a pharmacy and a shop selling the Turkish pastries called burek, is an alley.

Serving an array of traditional Serbian favorites such as burek, roast lamb and chicken paprikash, founding owner Alex Radicevich was committed to the old fashioned verities of fresh produce, locally grown, whenever possible.

* This is pide, some people call it "burek" which I'd associate more with the Armenian version of this dish.

When I got outside and found myself somewhere to sit for lunch, I was impressed to discover that the burek slice was piping hot.

Janko Ilkovski, a TV host running the pro-government call-in show “Jadi burek” also addressed the MOI Facebook profile issue.

And I thought that was fair for a modest mom-and-pop establishment that does some things well (Cosmopolitan's burek is excellent) but isn't notable for everything.

Its Bensonhurst and Clifton, N.J., sites sell only burek and desserts, as the owners seek to turn burek into the next fast food.

Their specialty is undoubtedly the burek, which probably works well as a lunch compared to the entrees.

Anonymous ever tried the burek at Djerdan on 37th between 7th and 8th?

But I will definitely go back to try the cheese burek and some of the other things they have there.

Here you can stop so we can have a nice hot burek. I ate 8 bureks and I almost overdosed last night.

Burek is a filo pastry filled with a blend of ingredients, filled either by hand or by machine and then oven baked to perfection. Burek’s ingredients are 100% all fresh, natural and prime. Meat Cheese Vegan Fruit

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