burdened in a sentence

Sentence with the word burdened

Are we once again burdened with a reincarnation of the likes of Joseph McCarthy and his ilk?

I think when you say burdened, I don't know how to define what the word burdened means.

Casey, to keep someone from being overly burdened, that is, everyone except working men and women and their families in this country.

Rather than creating clear lines of authority, Congress, in the words of Obama, "burdened" the DNI with "an ambiguous statutory mandate."

People have this expectation of a very dark, serious kind of burdened person.

By contrast, Mr. Immelt said U.S. consumers are "burdened," contributing to rising delinquency rates in GE's consumer-finance unit.

Luckily (or not), though, I think the only luxury I have, is to not be 'burdened' with making such a decision.

Luckily or not, though, I think the only luxury I have, is to not be 'burdened' with making such a decision.

John Rawls has proposed a duty of liberal democratic countries to aid poor or "burdened" countries.

The only people who succeeded there were men who had stay-at-home wives who could take care of all the family issues, freeing the men to work at the firm 24/7 (and never actually see their families), and single women who were not "burdened" with child care issues and the like.

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    • heavy-laden, laden, weighed down
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