broad-brimmed in a sentence

  • In ceremony, he appears as an old man with a cane, wearing a broad-brimmed straw hat, and is typically smoking a pipe and sprinkling water on others.
  • New York Fashion Week: Rodarte Odd Jobs: Body Make-Up Artist Other British-inspired styles on the runways included broad-brimmed hats at Tommy Hilfiger, the tiny headpieces known as fascinators at Marc Jacobs, and a surfeit of demure, pleated, calf-grazing skirts practically everywhere.
  • His leather hat was broad-brimmed, and a sliver of his neck showed above his collar.
  • She wore a broad-brimmed straw hat to keep her cool, but the toll of the wait was clear in the sweat that poured down her face.
  • A low-crowned broad-brimmed hat worn, esp. for travelling, in ancient Greece; (Classical Mythol.) a hat of this sort which the god Hermes (or Mercury) is frequently represented as wearing.
  • Midway through his piece, Hoyt concedes the Times erred when it reported that O'Keefe entered the ACORN offices dressed as a pimp "in the outlandish costume -- fur coat, goggle-like sunglasses, walking stick and broad-brimmed hat ..."
  • Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is the holiday of gratitude, ever since the Pilgrims supposedly tipped their broad-brimmed hats in appreciation back in 1621.
  • Bill Tillett has been auctioneering since fall 1963, after he graduated from the Superior School of Auctioneering in Decatur, Ill. With his ruddy face and broad-brimmed hat, Tillett, who is more than six feet tall and has a discus thrower's build, is a commanding presence among the masses that often surround him.
  • Here, the young artist appears as a shadowy figure in a frock coat and broad-brimmed hat—a modern Frenchman thrust into the gloom of 17th-century Amsterdam by means of art-historical homage.
  • But when they reached the end of the street, he turned and took off his broad-brimmed hat.

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