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Sentence with the word bougie

They are what you call bougie people, affluent and upwardly mobile.

The patient swallows several yards of a reliable silk thread a day or two before the proposed dilatation is carried out; the thread is expected to pass through the stricture of the stomach, and to enter for some distance into the small intestine; the metal head of the bougie, which is canalised in its long axis, is "threaded" on the silk, and the latter acting as a guide, the bougie is passed safely and confidently through the stricture.

Funny enough I always catch myself acting "bougie" as they call it when I see young blacks acting foolish...then I see white kids doing the same thing and I'm reassured that most of the time, behavior isn't characterized by race but by experience and environment.

If classes seem "bougie" hmm, how _would_ you spell that? and mainstream in general, then part of the whole punk/resistant artist/easy-rider-against-the-world persona needs to seem above it all, regardless of whether one really likes the class or not.

The "bougie" is a candle, which is charged all over

This is, without a doubt, the most bougie event I have ever attended.

Though she spurned her hometown, and the South Side particularly, as a cradle of bougie Negroes, her ties to that magical city still pulled me in.

Gunz lived in King Court with his girlfriend, LoLo—this wannabe bougie bitch going to Essex County College for nursing.

Answers welcome here, in the comments box. mettre la clef sous la porte clefs en main clé à bougie la clef des champs livre à clef* clef de fa une clé de sol mis sous clé mot-clé clé

The stoic ensemble of experienced onlookers earnestly watched the bougie blue (a color dead center between sky blue and teal) skirts and sublime luxury parade the through the expansive space dotted with monumental white molding.

Don't let the bougie fool you, I will whoop your a$$.That bougie princess that lives next door got another new whip this week.Walking in here, looking all bougie, where are you going?

Example-Frank:Hey man watcha doing later?Walton III:Hmmm. Je ne sais pas. Peut-etre I will drink white wine out of a crystal glass embossed with my family crest and contemplate how lucky I am to have my secondary education. I will then watch an opera. In Italian.Frank: Sonnnnnn. You're so fuckin' BOUGIE. Later.

Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince, is so bougie!

When my friend Miya wears a blazer or Lucy gets a massage I call them bougie cause we're unemployed college students.

What kind of chips are those?" "Organic Parmesan Oregeno with Olive Oil, they're 4 dollars a bag" "Man those are bougie chips

You can sit there and drink your bougie-ass microbrewed beer, but I still prefer my ice cold Coors original. Did ya see Luthur just roll up in his bougie new BMW? You can eat your bougie $25.99 salad from Central Market for lunch, but I'm hangin' with Mikky D's!

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