bhang in a sentence

  • Interestingly, the only item for which VAT has been reduced is 'bhang' - a popular intoxicant in semiurban and rural areas.
  • The festival is a hit with many people because of bhang, which is offered as prasad.
  • Some Tantric sex practitioners drink a substance called bhang, a sort of spiced marijuana milkshake to enhance the sexual experience.
  • Fusion was the theme as the music, food and drinks from the East fused with the West to form a unique celebration as the expats and foreign visitors smeared one another with coloured powder, sprinkled coloured water, gorged on sweetmeats, 'bhang' and beer in up-scale areas that have a sizeable expatriate population.
  • People should avoid mixing bhang, which is a hallucinogen with alcohol that intoxicates, "Verma added.
  • a kind of "bhang" made from the plant called pappahmint; others had their faces streaked with djam.
  • 'bhang' (hemp) here, a police officer said Friday.
  • The Mahakaleswar Bhootnath Temple of the city organises the NBC every year and serves drinks made of milk, dry fruits, and 'bhang' (a traditional drink made from cannabis leaves.
  • Distantly related to bank on the Indo-European language tree is the Hindi bhang sometimes spelled bang, meaning “dried leaves and stalks of hemp,” as in marijuana.
  • As an example, he mentioned his father's use of "bhang lassi" - a marijuana milk shake, if you will - on religious holidays.
  • bout an hour later i was in outer space
  • That bhang you got is the shit.
  • so last night judy called me up and said she wanted to hang out , but i knew she really meant she wanted to bhang
  • Shit, that was some good bhang!
  • Bhang is quite possibly the best drink in existence
  • Hand me some bhang, i want to get high.

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