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Sentence with the word basta

Call the basta out...1.866.311.3405 or 1.866.338.1015

She grants the encore no less unevenly as before after which surprisingly there is more applause from the gallery. "basta" enough cries the audience in the orchestra, "brava" cries the gallery.

Another fine example of a major research institution saying "basta" or maybe "Es ist genug", since it's the Max Planck Society to price gouging by scientific publishers:

Mastroianni depicts Cefalú's breakthrough, in one of the virtuosic scenes of his career, by repeating the world "basta" approximately two dozen times, each with a different inflection, rising from weak self-pity to firm resolution.

Nardac gets extra points, it is, in fact, thought to be derived from the Italian, "basta".

And indeed a less inexperienced rider might well have been excused a shade of nervousness, for the road was often steep, and often skirted the brink of very unpleasant-looking precipices; while the promised "basta," destitute alike of rail and pommel, proved to be neither more nor less than a bundle of cushions and sheepskins strapped upon a man's saddle, with no real support save a stirrup.

At home, my mother, Iman, a beauty icon and devotee of clean eating, would whisper "basta" ( "enough" in Italian) when I was in danger of overeating.

'An overweight kid and already dining for sport, my first was the "basta" diet.

Hasta que alguien venga con una misión y grite "basta"

It's time we said enough (that's "basta" in Spanish).

Grandma Anna: We went upstairs for some sauzage and basta.

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    • Call the basta out...1.866.311.3405 or 1.866.338.1015
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    • enough, stop
  • Rhyme for "basta"
    • Casta, Shasta, canasta, hasta
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    • pedir, pobrecito, abierta, precipitadamente, bien!
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