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The prefix "bast" is also a type of wood filament: "B*AS*ton" become "Bâton" in French or Bat in English.

But old French expression "Fils de bast" meen "Child of Packsaddle Woman" -- bast is material for packsaddle!

Making a sort of eddying circuit round the garden, he knocked over the Convolvulus-pole, tore the strips of bast from the stick that held up the white Lily, loosed all the Carnation flowers from their fastenings, broke the Rose-tree down, and levelled the Sweet-peas to the ground.

The Hashysh paste is politely termed bast, and those who sell it basty (i.e. cheerfulness).

[18] The stem fibers such as flax, jute, ramie are called bast fibers, and before any of them can be utilized industrially, steps have to be taken to render them free from gum.

This portion is known as the bast, and hence these fibres are known as "bast fibres".

Hashysh paste is politely termed bast, and those who sell it basty (i.e. cheerfulness).

Thus we can understand how horror-struck the nation must be at the thought of the Shah being mortally wounded while in the pious act of kneeling in reverence on passing the chain which marks the actual line where the 'bast' or sanctuary begins.

The plant has two main parts, the central core which is light and spongy like balsa wood, and the stringy outer bark called the "bast" that produces fibers.

Derives from 'bast' or 'bat', alternative names for the kind of pack-saddle used in the baggagetrains that followed an army on the move.

1. Oh well ya bast! 2. My dad use to be a Bast but someone stole his glasses. 3. Man, that Bast is mugging me, i'm about to show him who's boss. 4. That Bast loves his bast jacket, he never leaves home without it.

Dont be a bast.orI love you basts.

Ohh, you're a right cheeky bast!

That chick is such a BAST.

Bast would have to be one of the most horrible looking people on the planet

Ben, you sneaky bast.

He wanted to "bast" me on my couch!

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