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But we all agreed the bassman was the one who should be fired.

The band was a rock power-trio - Oded Caspi on electric guitar, Yaron Engler on the drums and me as main vocal and bassman.

Loosely organized by Anonymous, a group of Internet "vigilantes" has launched a series of denial-of-service attacks against the likes of the MPAA, the RIAA, the UK Intellectual Property Office, as well as against the KISS bassman.

What a low blow to think anyone would rate Palin is a competitor for anything, she's a quitter and that's why it took 5 colleges and 7 years for her to attain a lousy journalism degree. bassman

I read his post as bassman 3-15 and he was a respected poster.

And double bassman Edgar Meyer can hang competently with both bluegrass players and philharmonic orchestras.

From left to right in the opening moment of the YouTube clip – Melvin Franklin, the bassman, was the most recent to die, of heart failure; Eddie Kendricks succumbed to lung cancer; Otis Williams is the only original Temp still alive; Paul Williams committed suicide and David Ruffin died in a Philly crack house.

Recorded in 2005 as Axes 2 Axes, the well-received effort included the vocal talents of Dee Snider and Ronnie James Dio, as well as Joe Franco and veteran bassman Rudy Sarzo.

Still under 30, the trio of pianist Marcin Wasilweski, double-bassman Slavomir Korkevitch and drummer Michael Miskiewicz once called themselves the Simple Acoustic Trio, but for this ECM debut they go by their own names for a CD called "Trio."

He disappeared after losing a drinking contest with his bassman, Lymphoma Key-Lime Jefferson.

Having watched thine performance at the show, I dubb thee... 'Bassman'.Oh, that's Steve, the Bassman.

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