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Sentence with the word bassist

The bassist is Malachi Favors, who I'm reasonably certain (but not at all positive) is the one on the 20th-anniversary banner. posted by Matthew @ 3: 00 PM

This was the bassist from the walkmen (whose name escapes me).

Shina Darnicious: that bassist is the sexiest goddamn man ive ever seen ... the drummer is a pony in the wind if you ask me ... chai

- including long-term bassist Steve Hanley - walking out after an on-stage punch-up that resulted in Smith spending the night in a cell.

The band’s bassist is from Richmond, and they have a decent concentration of fans here.

This weekend, two orchestras will honor the men who made mambo: at Rose Hall, one outstanding Latin American bassist salutes another as Carlos Henriquez leads the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra in the music of the Cuban composer and innovator Israel Cachao Lopez 1918-2008.

The drummer wore a white t-shirt, the bassist was a bit nerdy, and I, as the lead guitarist had to have wild hair.

WellÂknown as the bassist for the band Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious might be even better known for all the trouble he got himself in to.

Opener Derrick Hodge is best known as a bassist who's supported artists as varied as Terence Blanchard, Common, Mulgrew Miller and Kanye West.

It felt really like something was rolling here, more than I felt like in any other city up to that point, recalled bassist William Cashion in an interview over Natty Bohs at the Mt. Royal Tavern.

1.Why do you think men have deep voices? 2.I'm a female bassist, and the other girls in my band get all the attention.

contrary to popular belief, cliff burton wasnt metallica's first bassist, ron mcgovney was. cliff burton was fucking awesome though.

That bassist knew his theory.

guitarists maybe cool but us bassists rule!

woah, feel the groove that bassist's holding down!

Thats A groovy bassist. That bassist is really groovin

Paul would veto new songs by intentionally playing crappy basslines.

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