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Fortunately, a group of retailers agreed to recall the bassinets and to provide refunds or store credits to consumers who returned them to the place of purchase.

Madigan's push came after her office found more than 400 recalled bassinets for sale, primarily on Craigslist.

But the Chicago Tribune is reporting today that Graco told the CPSC on August 28 that some of the recalled bassinets carried its brand name.

The attorney general of Illinois has launched an aggressive offensive against the manufacturers and distributors of unsafe baby products, including a lawsuit against a company that claims it bears no responsibility for recalled bassinets blamed for the deaths of two infants.

SFCA has thus far refused to cooperate with the government and recall the bassinets, claiming it has no legal obligations because of the corporate structure.

A listed of the recalled bassinets and stores where they were sold can be found at www.

Two more babies have died in recalled bassinets that were the subject of a Chicago Tribune investigation, and federal safety regulators are again pleading with families to return the products.

This move comes after her office discovered over 400 recalled bassinets for sale in secondhand venues, primarily Craigslist.

Yesterday, the Commission issued more information on the recalled bassinets,

Recall-registration cards will be included in the packaging of many items, such as bassinets, cribs and other nursery products, so consumers can be contacted directly if a product is deemed hazardous.

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