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Yes, the basses were the best part of the choir; among them she recognised two of her father's oldest pupils; she had known them as boys singing alto -- beautiful voices they had been, and were not less beautiful now.

James Anderson, a local mason, hewed the "basses" for the dials.

It is full of playable instruments such as basses, leads, pads and other sounds ideal for electronic music.

Yes | No | Report from joey wrote 2 years 13 weeks ago ok, it's funny to hear people make generalizations about largemouth bass, although not my personal favorite of the 'basses'. i'm actually curious where the people posting here are catching these 'wimpy' fish (crappy front range ponds?). either they continue to fish for fish they have no respect for, or they actually don't have that much experience with them. come down to texas and fish for them in a spring creek. the big bass in clear moving water are as smart as any new zealand brown i've ever fished to. by the way, drew, bluegill and largemouth are of the same family. they have basically the same characteristics. stationary ambush feeders.

There were whole cohorts of double basses, massed battalions of violins.

This descending motif, like a windswept downpour, is answered by an equally powerful rising motif in the double basses, bassoons and trombones, suggesting wind-lashed whitecaps on Lake Lucerne, where the opera takes place.

The lower strings grow more agitated, the woodwind raindrops become more frequent, and Rossini suggests the randomness of falling rain by syncopating these drops off the driving beat of the pizzicato double basses.

Here the violins, flute and piccolo, playing near the top of their range, are answered by a weighty gesture by the trombones, bassoons, cellos and basses.

The poignant melody continues over the other cellos' sustained chords, while the double basses add pizzicato beats to lend weight and subtle rhythmic emphasis.

Mr. Coleman called his eight-piece group a "double quartet," and indeed, it featured two saxophonists, two trumpeters one was Freddie Hubbard, the only musician to play on both Mr. Coleman's and Coltrane's projects, two basses and two drummers.

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