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Some of the most beautiful enamels of Limoges were executed in what was called basse-taille, or transparent enamel on gold grounds, which had been first prepared in bas-relief.

On p. 25, Capriol (the Pupil) asks his Master (Arbeau) to describe the steps of the 'basse' dance.

"Happiness is a simple thing," it says in the guide, which goes on to praise the bistro's "basse" cuisine - a direct counter to the "haute" cuisine that Paris is famed for.

Shortly after assessing sartorial standards and basse couture in Zuccotti Park on my first visit there some weeks ago, I came upon a news report that students in an elite "Studies in Grand Strategy" program at Yale had been notified by the program of a special discount being offered them by a tailor from Bangkok and that they'd been advised, "Once you have a custom suit, it's really hard to go back."

Le trop grand éloignement des parties entre elles qui leur fait à toutes excéder leur portée, oblige souvent d'en diviser plusieurs en deux; c'est ainsi qu'on divise les basses en basses-contres, basse-tailles, les tailles en hautes tailles & concordans, les dessus en premiers & seconds; mais dans tout cela on n'apperçoit rien de fixe, rien de déterminé par les regles.

Tous ces diapasons différens réunis forment une étendue générale d'à-peu-près trois octaves qu'on a divisées en quatre parties, dont trois appellées haute-contre, taille & basse appartiennent aux voix masculines, & la quatrieme seulement qu'on appelle dessus est assignée aux voix aiguës, sur quoi se trouvent plusieurs remarques à faire.

These voices are divided into four categories; haute-contre (high tenor/male alto), taille (low tenor/lyric baritone) and basse (bass) for masculine voices, and dessus (treble) for high voices.

In the South, the southern suburb, and the Beqaa, people were mad too, but they directed their rage at Israel, and provisionally at the Lebanese government, run by men like Jumblatt and Saad Hariri who seemed to sneer with bourgeois revulsion when confronted by the basse classe Islamic Resistance.

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Jean-Paul Jamot : basse 12 1. There will never be another you 2. Swing 42 3. Manoir de mes reves 4. Dinette 5. Minor swing 6. Paris plage 7. Et maintenant 8. Quelle idee 9. Swing valse

What is going on, you are acting like a total basse? Wow, since you started here, all you ever managed to do is mope around, now you are have made a full turn-around to a basse.

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  • Synonym for "basse"
    • low-minded, low-minded, ignoble, ignoble, degraded
  • Antonym for "basse"
    • apex, likeable, desirable, admirable, noble
  • Verb Forms for "basse"
    • based, bases, basing
  • Rhyme for "basse"
    • Ace, Ace, Chase, Chase, Grace
  • Hyponym for "basse"
    • build, build
  • Hypernym for "basse"
    • fto, terrorist group, terrorist organization, foreign terrorist organization, situate
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    • gautier and etard's base, gautier and etard's base, salkowski's base, salkowski's base, lepierre's base
  • Equivalent for "basse"
    • inferior, basic, imitative, counterfeit, wrong
  • Etymologically Related for "basse"
    • basal, basal, embase, embase, imbase
  • Form for "basse"
    • based, based, basing, basing, base on
  • Same Context for "basse"
    • center, center, top, top, area
  • Variant for "basse"
    • bases, bases, bass, bass, escutcheon
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