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Sentence with the word basketweaver

Either they know how abusive basketweaver employers can be; or they have no job experience on which to base a batshit attack.

And the the basketweaver types will be mad at me, and wonder why they asked me of all the idiots available to be on their search.

At any rate, it's a specialized area, but any basketweaver knows a little about it, so when we can't cover the intro classes with our TT faculty, the chair calls an adjunct at the last minute and says, basically, hey, want an extra course?

It makes our Basketweaving department even stronger and more impressive, but the underwater basketweaver will have to carve out a new niche and have underwater facilities moved there for his/her work and teaching.

Horacio Arab, the son of a basketweaver who learned his father's trade, said he improved his skills at MozArte but then abandoned weaving because he could not make a living with the products that sustained his father.

Her 'papers that an English school would accept' would have been useless if they showed that she was a basketweaver with her own crafts store.

A trick I was taught by a French woman in Cd. Victoria, Tamps. was to get a work permit to open handicraft shop as a basketweaver and be self employed.

Chancellor, a fiddler; Gladys Kukana Grace, a Lauhala weaver; Mary Jackson, a sweetgrass basketweaver; Delano "Del" Floyd McCoury, a bluegrass guitarist and singer; Judith McCulloh, a folklorist and editor; Kamala Lakshmi, a Narayanan Bharatanatyam Indian dancer; Mike Rafferty, an Irish flute player; and Ezequiel Torres, an Afro-Cuban drummer and drum builder.

Department decides it is only interested in a marine mesolithic basketweaver at SL level.

Chancellor, Gladys Kukana Grace, a Lauhala weaver; Mary Jackson, a sweetgrass basketweaver;

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