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Sentence with the word basketfuls

God desires that all be fed to fullness, with twelve basketfuls left over, even if all we think we've got in hand is one boxed lunch.

Under the glare of naked yellow lightbulbs, men squatted on the road, selling basketfuls of glassy bangles, steel bracelets, toys, head scarves, pens, and key chains.

While hundreds of thousands of human beings (including US Americans) are dying to advance United States geopolitical interests in Central Asia and the Middle East, many US Americans are more concerned with Peyton Manning's prowess under center, LaDainian Tomlinson's bushel basketfuls of touchdowns, or T. O.'s latest outrageous escapade.

Six bridesmaids in pink, to hold the fan, bouquet, gloves, scent-bottle, and pocket-handkerchief of the bride; basketfuls of white favours in the vestry, to be pinned on to the footmen and horses; a genteel congregation of curious acquaintance in the pews,

God, the Dream Team we had: Bill Yelverton, Laura Pearlman, David Rowell, Jennifer Wing, Mondy Lamb ... these were people who recruited for and ran a paper that won basketfuls of awards every year.

No wonder there were exactly 12 disciples and exactly 12 basketfuls picked up at the end?

They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up 12 basketfuls of broken pieces of bread and fish, because the story does not end with the feeding of the 5,000, there's a lot more food there and there are a lot more hungry people out there.

Michaelmas was come, with its fragrant basketfuls of purple damsons, and its paler purple daisies, and its lads and lasses leaving or seeking service and winding along between the yellow hedges, with their bundles under their arms.

For more than twenty years the poor woman had never, for a single day, failed to throw upon her garden three or four basketfuls of richer soil, which she was obliged to bring more than half a league.

She took two basketfuls of bread rolls for her father and eldest brother.

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