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Sentence with the word basket

Having made his heap of sand, inserted the mango-stone, and watered it, the juggler covered it with a large basket, and _put his hands under the basket_.

The lettuce in the top of the basket is a big healthy thing that's already had trims, and the several and various flowers are doing extremely well, though not showing blooms yet.

` ` Sometimes the basket is as big as the ocean, '' he said.

There will be some nights where the basket is a little bigger and you feel great about yourself, '' said Nowitzki, who was 12-of-18 from the floor and 13-of-15 from the line.

It was June again, and a year since she began keeping what she called a basket boarding-house.

The Texas A&M University finance professor combines dollars, euros, pounds and yen in optimal proportions to create what he calls a basket of "stable money."

They have data on millions of people, billions of procedures and tests, exact costs on all of those, sequence data on what order the tests were performed in, what the eventual and final diagnosis was on the basis of those tests, and what the life expectancy was for each person given a certain basket of prior conditions and proactive treatments.

The basket is a great place to put scraps and cut threads.

When the garden basket is already full of produce to bring in those pockets would hole some of it too!

"The most aggressive team at attacking the basket is probably going to shoot the most free throws," Denver guard Chauncey Billups said.

hey man, pack up a basket" "lets go smoke a basket" "pass the basket

That girl couldn't hsien-ko all those squirtguns on her hip, so she basketed them instead.

Margo: A tisket, a tasket, I lost my yellow basket... Alice: Did you have all your eggs in it? Margo: Yes. Alice: ...Damn.

Girl: My basket is moist.Boy: Nobody likes a smelly basket.

Gee whillikers, Luke - did you notice the size of Lawrence's basket? Jeff Stryker ain't got nothin on THAT piece o' meat. Come - lets fetch another crantini, and shake our booty to some 80's Europop!

when hanging out with people you dont know so well. you: basket your friend: well guys we have somewhere to be and were late so we'll see ya later. you: thanks man that was sketch your friend: yeah it was.

for example: that chick's a real basket.

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