basked in a sentence

Sentence with the word basked

Even as I basked in the satisfaction of finishing, I promised myself, never again.

The incubus basked in it, a sly smile on his face.

Whereas one week ago our puppy basked in make-believe:

NASA basked in the reflected glow of the enormous publicity that NIAC projects received, but the organization also attracted criticism because some of the concepts that were funded seemed impractical, at least in the near term.

Despite their small numbers, Jews have popped up, Zelig-like, throughout American history: They were early settlers and Western pioneers; they fought and died in the Civil War, and every other war; they suffered in the Depression, though not disproportionately; they fled to the suburbs with the rest of the country, and basked in postwar prosperity.

While in recent years contemporary art has more than ever basked in the luxury of international money and media attention, epitomised in the Frieze Art Fair, an event which each year has me reaching for the Taliban application form, even among the literati poetry seems to be fighting a losing battle against prose fiction.

Yet while Barcelona has basked in worldwide adulation and some teams have taken elements from its philosophy and approach, no major club had gone all the way and tried to replicate what Guardiola's team does.

As usual, Jennifer basked in the compliments her father tossed like wedding rice over her.

He basked in the glow of that pleasure the rest of his life.

Also, consider the mountain of media attention Beck basked in during the last twelve months and how he's supposed to be the point person for a grassroots American movement.

Johny was basked by the CIA for selling crushed up Panadol as Cocaine.

That football player just got basked!

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