bask in a sentence

Sentence with the word bask

If it was a good decision then I’ll high 5 myself in bask in an adulation of my own making. lol

It was made in a plain "bask" with buttons down the front, and a plain, full skirt, over which she wore a white, starched apron, with a row of insertion and a flounce of crocheted lace.

Neither does Bragg "bask" in the celebrity style of which he is anonymously accused.

"I never got too euphoric for the great ratings or too low on the bad numbers because when there is no season and one is doing live TV 51 weeks a year there is simply no time to" bask "in any glory or to feel sorry for one's self when the ratings aren't what one wants."

When Senate Democrats 'bask' in their 'success' on this bill, all of us should know the feeling of that screw as it enters our hearts and our wallets.

So Spurrier had plenty of reason to bask in one of the biggest victories of his illustrious career.

Many Repubs and Tea Partyers bask in their issue-free campaigns, betting that the distemper of the electorate will carry them through.

Elisabeth Vincentelli of the New York Post said, The whole point here is the leads, and they bask in the spotlight without ever appearing to hog it.

She wanted long stretches of solitude, where she could bask, uninterrupted, in her thoughts and in her work, in her own special place.

Sometimes, when home for a long weekend, I would overhear one of my parents saying, "I love you girl," causing me to momentarily bask in their uncharacteristically spontaneous expression of love.

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