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Sentence with the word basing

People waffling over a decision may benefit from paring down the number of details they are weighing and instead selecting one or a few important values to use in basing their decision, says Richard Boyatzis, a professor in organizational behavior, psychology and cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University.

It is a terrible candidate for a long-term basing agreement.

After all, both are military strategies, consisting of deployments, arms sales to allies, and the long-term basing of U.S. troops abroad.

Close reading of the Charter, however, reveals the problems involved in basing international politics on respect for human rights.

KOCH: Rumsfeld denied that the administration is considering any long-term basing of U.S. forces in a postwar Iraq, saying that such an arrangement would be unnecessary.

Well, when you travel through Europe, when you see what is going on, the impression that is made upon you is very, very strong as to the difficulties that Governments have, because they are insecure; they are weak; they cannot be other than insecure and weak under the present conditions; and we should have the greatest patience in basing our conclusions with reference to the acts of the Governments of those countries.

The weekly chart shows a long-term basing formation as MPEL closed on the highs last week.

Those bases cost billions of dollars to build and look as though they were built with the idea that U.S. planes and forces could use them in the future as a long-term basing option.

Thursday's bullish doji-like close, followed by Friday's break back above Thursday's high, strengthens short-term basing prospects and likely opens the door for some upside over the coming days back towards the 1. 3800-1.3900 area, before proper consideration can be given for a bearish resumption.

The latest round of setbacks have also stalled out just shy of the key multi-year trend lows set on October 27 by 1.4300 which provides added confirmation for medium-term basing prospects.

Saltsy: "Hey I saw you and Juliet Hooking up last night"Peppa: "Ya man we went home and started basing

- Yesterday, I based my girlfriend all night long. - We based on the backseat of my car. - I'm basing Julie all the time. - She asked me to base her.

Lucky: Have you been basing? Angel: I haven't been doing shit! - Poetic Justice

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