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When the heap of pyrites had been entirely reduced by fire, the result of the operation, consisting of sulphate of iron, sulphate of alumina, flint, remains of coal, and cinders was placed in a basinful of water.

After breakfast, the Counsellor (who looked no whit the worse for schnapps, but even more grave and venerable) followed our Annie into the dairy, to see how we managed the clotted cream, of which he had eaten a basinful.

One man gave a basinful of rice, the first we met with in the country.

“Run for water — a basinful,” said Mother, and Phyllis ran.

Then put it very fairly into a basinful of fresh water, and forthwith took it out, to see whether it were written with stone-alum.

Pliny with an ivy cup would wash the wine in a basinful of water, then take it out again with a funnel as pure as ever.

"I will see that it is not too small; and perhaps, just to encourage you, I will have a basinful myself."

To be sure, there are, now and then, "lucky strikes," such, for instance, as that mentioned in a former letter, where a person took out of a single basinful of soil two hundred and fifty-six dollars.

Each woman of the company will exhibit, on her return, at least twenty dollars of the oro, which she will gravely inform you she has just panned out from a single basinful of the soil.

The trouble was that as the frost continued water became scarce -- baths had stopped long ago -- and it began to be a question of getting even a basinful to wash in.

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