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The mattress of the basinet is usually a folded clean comfort slipped into a pillow slip; this is to be preferred to a feather pillow, as it is cooler and in every way better for the babe.

We used to take her in her basinet and whip her feet up, you know, so she would, like, snap.

A kind of helmet introduced about the middle of the 15th century, in place of the basinet.

Usually at this point in the day, I would place the baby in the basinet and quickly run through the shower, barely letting the water hit me so that I could be completely ready and have the house somewhat in order before the baby awakened.

One of the family myths that has been passed down to me is of my father being fed up with my nighttime crying and demanding that my mother take me down to the basement in my basinet.

Otto placed baby Bonnie, nestled in her white wicker basinet, on the opera seat of the Buick.

Otto paused, glanced at the baby in her basinet then looked up at the sky that had turned the color of a fresh bruise.

It conjures up the image of a small but perfectly formed infant Betj, bald and rompered, his beady gaze alternately eyeing up his nurse's starched uniform and the passing Highgate villas from his basinet.

I found that I couldn't easily lift her out or set her into the cosleeper while I was lying in bed, so, having to get up anyway, a basinet would have just as functional.

It just seemed like her glass basinet was so remote, foreign, and cold after nine months of being in my womb.

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