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The basilisk is the enemy of the yale, and if it finds the yale asleep it stings it between the eyes, causing its eyes to swell until they burst.

There was the completion of the circle: the basilisk was a small lizard, but its glance could stun or kill other creatures.

As he spoke he realized something that had not quite surfaced before: the basilisk was a magical creature that could do magic.

The basilisk is a fabulous conglomerate, a winged animal formed with the three-crested head of a cock and the body of a lizardlike serpent with a three-pointed tail.

Her eye was like that of the fabled serpent, called the basilisk, and in her anger she ever struck terror.

Nowadays, the poet would call a basilisk bonny rather than miss his alliteration.

The basilisk was the Phoenix of the serpent-tribe; and the vase or urn was probably the vessel, shaped like a cucumber, with a projecting spout, out of which, on the monuments of Egypt, the priests are represented pouring streams of the _cruz ansata_ or Tau Cross, and of _sceptres_, over the kings.

And the serpent or asp, a sign of kingly dominion, -- hence called basilisk, -- is sacred to Kneph.

The group of animals known as basilisk lizards commonly lives along the edge of rivers running through rainforests, eating small insects among the foliage.

She wears the Kepersh, or war-helmet worn by the Pharaohs in battle, with the golden "uræus," or so-called "basilisk" on the brow.

If you don't wrap up your basilisk, it will get stepped on.

The basilisk supposovly killed our explorers with a glance. The basilisk type lizards can run short distances on their hind legs. The basilisk inflicted heavy damage on the city's walls. The war basilisks were piloted by skilled soldiers and quickly overcame all of the outer defences.


Hey look! A basili-

The Basilisk let me release my population paste into her chamber of secrets last night.

HOLY CRAP! did you guys see that basilisk in the john?

1: Check out that kooky chick in the dark corner, is she giving me the eye?2: Yeah, the evil eye - it's a Basilisk! Run for your life or she might turn you to stone or give you a pamphlet about fracking, and don't wear that ironic slogan t-shirt out again, okay? It's like a red rag to these people.

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