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But the ground plan is that of an early Christian church of the "basilican" type.

In general, Gallic churches are supposed to have been basilican, with all the poverty of the older style.

It is also believed that the cardinal's hat is a modification of the umbrella in the basilican churches.

The Greeks used it as a mystic symbol in some of their sacred festivals, and the Romans introduced the custom of hanging an umbrella in the basilican churches as a part of the insignia of office of the judge sitting in the basilica.

The interior of this church is generally considered one of the most beautiful interiors of Italy on account of its effective basilican plan with a crypt opening from the nave, its beautiful and rich detail, and its fine mosaics and decorations.

[10] The Romanesque church departed from the basilican plan by the introduction of transepts, thus giving the building the form of a

Its most striking feature is the dome, which replaces the flat, wooden roof used in the basilican [15] Churches of Italy.

Palestine there were two chief types of plan in use -- the basilican, or axial, type, represented by the basilica at the Holy Sepulchre, and the circular, or central, type, represented by the great octagonal church once at Antioch.

Vaults appear to have been early applied to the basilican type of plan; for instance, at St Irene,

The upper church is basilican in form, the nave being, as customary in Coptic churches, divided into three sections by wooden screens, which are adorned by carvings in ivory and wood.

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