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Sentence with the word basil

The word basil is derived from the Greek word for king, suggesting that the ancient healers held this aromatic plant in high regard.

Dr. Corry said, "We get what we call basil cell carecenomas and skin cancer on the eyes right on the margin around the eyelashes," and that requires surgery that could be prevented by thinking a little more about your eyes.

I'm fascinated by the way this little basil is growing.

Extract the basil from the water and squeeze it dry as much as possible with your hands.

Fresh basil is not mentioned in the ingredients portion but I used it in addition to the dried oregano.

The spicy basil is energetic, but I'm not sure that's going to offer up seed for some time to come.

In other news, the lettuce-leaf basil is enormous and profligate, and I'm expecting it to flower and seed soon.

Agwaramgbo said "a small amount of lead above detection limits was seen in basil leaves" that the researchers planted on experimental soil with lead levels above 400 ppm.

The purple basil is a good call because the green will discolor when heated anyway.

No, basil is more like getting a whiff of an old lover's cologne, but not not being able to remember the name (of the cologne, not necessarily the lover).

Bruv, what the hell was in that curry. I went to work and I had some next level basil.That Immodium worked wonders on that basil.

Mitchell: Did you see the size or her basil? Me: Yeah, Allah has blessed her.

Matt: I can't believe I banged that chick last night... Kyle: What the fuck dude!?! She was at least three basils!

Look there goes Basil. He is so hot.

girl calling out at the back courtyard: Basil (tone 1)...Basil(tone 2)...Basil(tone 3)...Basil (tone 4)... Neighbour: geez, Basil, just go back to her!!!!

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