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The cap of a basidiomycete, an expanded structure at the top of the stipe that bears the hymenium (gills, etc.) on its undersurface.

The exceptions are the basidiomycete fungi, which include white-rot and brown-rot-wood-decayers and essential caretakers of carbon in forest systems.

Ballistics of spore discharge in seven basidiomycete species.

This physical principle is reflected in measurements of discharge distances obtained from 37 mushroom species by Zoberi Relationship between discharge distance and (a) projectile radius (spore plus adhering fluid), and (b) Buller's drop radius in the seven basidiomycete species examined using high-speed video.

The ballistospore discharge mechanism in basidiomycete fungi was first studied by A. H. R. Buller

In basidiomycete yeasts, and phytopathogenic rusts and smuts, spores are discharged directly into the airflow around the fungal colony.

The taxonomic literature on fungi illustrates a tremendous range in spore morphology among the basidiomycete fungi Relationship between spore volume and tube radius.

Dons JJM, de Vries OMH, Wessels JGH (1979) Characterization of the genome of the basidiomycete No, I don't have any competing interests to declare. competing interests policy.

Montijn RC, Humbel BM, van Aelst AC, Boon EJM, et al. (1998) Structural differences between two types of basidiomycete septal pore caps.

Her PhD thesis, Ā«Organisation of the telomeric and subtelomeric regions of the basidiomycete Pleurotus ostreatusĀ».

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    • mushroom, polypore, gill fungus, pore fungus, pore mushroom
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    • fungus
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