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I think that going back to the basics is always a good way to refresh and revitalize your writing abilities.

There are a lot of good texts out there with good inquiries and labs but there is precious little about the people who discovered what we call the basics, what challenges they were working on, what we can know from their discoveries and etc.

What do we think of Sarah Palin this weekend answering pre-screened questions from a like-minded audience in Nashville, a tea party convention, and still having to put a cheat sheet on her palm to answer what she calls the basics of her beliefs?

I often feel it's getting tired or dry but returning to the basics is important to find and warn those new readers.

While mastery of more than those three basics is necessary for success in a higher-technology society, ignoring absolute mastery in those subjects for the sake of knowledge in others is a formula for societal collapse, because those who can succeed will be limited to those whose parents can obtain an education for their children that does require mastery of those fundamental basics, particularly of writing.

You can dress ground venison up as fancy as you please, but going back to basics is never a bad idea.

There are certain basics, but beyond that, be yourself.

TF: As I teacher, I found the most common errors in basics like tense shifts, point-of-view violations, and illogical plot development.

I firmly believe that there are certain basics to good writing that, if we had the tools, which we do not, as of yet, could be measured objectively.

"While you're doing that, I'll extract the basics from the book about how to select the baby's sex."

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