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Sentence with the word basic

Nathaniel Kleitman gave the name "basic rest activity cycle" to the 90-minute period at night during which we move through the five stages of sleep.

But at the end of the day, if you can't get there for what we term basic services, which is education, health care and corrections, then what option is there?

It was what she calls her "basic venality" and desire to eat more decadently that led her through a succession of baroque fungus forays and conferences in search of satisfaction.

Grisanti said he could not deny anyone what he called basic rights.

So that families are spending a lot more on what you describe as the basic nut.

I was shocked when I became shadow minister to find that the percentage of our education aid that was going to what we call basic education, which is mainly primary education, had fallen.

He returned H-P to what he calls the basic "blocking and tackling" of getting products out on time, improving quality and service, and increasing profit margins.

SENOR: On November 15, the coalition signed what we believe is a very important agreement with the Governing Council, a political agreement that outlines principles and a framework for the political process going forward for an interim -- what we call a basic law, and the transitional assembly.

It's basically what we call our basic set, because a lot of consumers also wanted us to build a back to the basic set.

And it deals with what you call a basic rule, that countries rich in oil are rarely fully developed democracies.

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