bashing in a sentence

Sentence with the word bashing

This is an honour that underscores that American NAFTA-bashing is code for Mexico, not Canada.

CNN -- Former top Pakistani military officers Sunday called for Pakistan's former strongman to be allowed back without facing arrest and condemned what they called the "bashing" of the country's armed forces.

Twitter-bashing is just blog-bashing, but for bloggers.

One last thing, there has been alot of glee in bashing this quiz from some of the bloggers, with people saying Wallace was “brutally ignorant”, or an “idiot”, or a “half-wit”.

I am going to finish watching the CMAs and I will admit the Kayne bashing is making me feel a little better!

The only way for teachers to win this war against the bashing is to be proactive.

Troll bashing is an art form, and I am not afraid to be an artist.

That would require Casemods ever being with a female … (All his gay-bashing is what we like to call “denial”)

To the (significant) extent that SWPLs with Pollan-esque antics annoy me, * this* and not the Pawlenty argula/brie/wine bashing is the reason.

Also, the idea that you would have to tell people that slut-bashing is not particularly correlated with actual behavior says to me, "Hello, either my audience is stupid or I believe they are."

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