bashes in a sentence

Sentence with the word bashes

John McCain bashes Barbara Boxer for her anti-defense record.

Palin bashes the media especially CNN and these fools keep giving her more and more exposure.

And at the end of the trailer, Rain bashes the guy's head into a urinal as a finisher.

Froomkin bashes Bush, and that’s why his fans love him.

Can I get a quote where Obama "bashes" union 527s?

I don't think Fatima bashes her aunt more and twists the facts to say that there were only three countries in the world that actually recognized the Taliban rule in Afghanistan: besides Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Benazir's Pakistan.

Pre-70s Sci-fi Pictorial: Smith bashes Robot skip to main | skip to sidebar

With entertainment like this, the “Neighborhood Inaugural Ball,” the first of ten official bashes Mr. Obama will attend after he is sworn-in Jan. 20, is hardly the average District block party.

He also allowed Guggenheim to present himself as more even-handed in assessing blame for public school woes than he does in his movie, which bashes teachers and blames teachers unions.

Yesterday Ackerman told me that she had not seen the final version of the manifesto -- which views charter schools as a big answer to urban school failure, bashes teachers unions and supports market-driven “fixes” to schools -- and though an aide gave permission for her name to be added to it, she does not agree with it.

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  • Sentence for "bashes"
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  • Synonym for "bashes"
    • abash, beat, crush
  • Verb Forms for "bashes"
    • bashed, bashes, bashfulness, bashing
  • Phrases for "bashes"
    • bashes the
  • Rhyme for "bashes"
    • Asch, Ash, Ashe, Cash, Flash
  • Hypernym for "bashes"
    • party, bump, blow, hit
  • Etymologically Related for "bashes"
    • -bashing, -basher
  • Form for "bashes"
    • bashed, bashing, bashment
  • Same Context for "bashes"
    • chmod, bugwatcher, pdksh, rsh
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