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Geico's advertising agency, the Richmond, Va.-based Martin Agency wh ich also created the "gecko" spots, sold the Xtranormal idea to Geico executives based partly on the easy and cheap production.

The clinic was part of a special program sponsored by the U. S.-based Sports Power International, an evangelical Christian organization based in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Dialogue with the community, including discussion of the full impact of the project and sharing of assessment studies, are a few of the basic practices of a business model based on sustainable development," says Julia Nelson of Business for Social Responsibility, a U. S.-based consultancy firm that advises companies, including the world's largest iron ore miner Vale, on CSR.

Dominating mobile devices are chips based on technology licensed from U. K.-based ARM Holdings, not because they are more secure, but because they use less power.

Neither Interactive Data, which is based in Bedford, Mass., nor U. K.-based Pearson could be reached for comment.

Though sites based abroad have plenty of American customers, it's illegal for U. S.-based operators to go online -- and their absence, researchers say, depresses Internet gambling's growth.

In promoting a brand image based on global understanding, BNP is adopting a similar strategy to U. K.-based HSBC Holdings, which launched its highly successful "World's Local Bank" campaign several years ago.

Investors 'paper losses on U.S. stocks now total $8.4 trillion since the market peak one year ago, based on the value of the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, which includes almost all U. S.-based companies.

In all, U.S. stocks lost about $700 billion in market value on Wednesday, and $1.1 trillion for the week's first three days, based on the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, which includes almost all U. S.-based companies.

Ford, the second-biggest U. S.-based auto maker after General Motors Corp., listed its total liquidity at $40.6 billion based on cash and credit lines at the end of March.

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