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Sentence with the word baseboard

There, at the bottom of the baseboard, is the little slit through which the mouse, flattening its body in that impossible way that is the special talent of mice, disappeared.

Fortunately, the baseboard is cut into suitable lengths, so we do not need to use the handsaw again and once more risk attracting attention.

Drawn along the bottom of the wall behind the bed just above the baseboard is the Garden of Eden.

Toot pulls the bed away from the wall and there in a three-foot high band above the baseboard is the fully painted Garden of Eden.

IPMI consists of a main controller called the baseboard management controller and other management controllers distributed among different system modules that are referred to as satellite controllers.

You can do this by covering them with matching cable covers or by hiding them under the baseboard.

Then Peter Furst, an American anthropologist, suggested to Ramón that he represent the traditions and beliefs of his people by pressing coloured yarn into a wax-covered baseboard to form designs.

I rolled off the bed and was about to fish it out, when I saw a scrap of paper lying against the baseboard.

The next day, we moved on to painting, me continuing along the baseboard with paintbrush this time, while Jim tackled the upper walls and ceiling trim.

In short order I shoved away the hassock (not easy over a rug), a large chair, a much larger chaise lounge, a rolling computer desk -- fortunately minus the computer -- and the little effer was still by the baseboard, heading west.

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